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Why Leader 360 for...

Leader 360 is a self-paced, guided process for reflection, networking, self-assessment, 360 feedback, and development planning, designed to help you:

  • Unlock career aspirations
  • Leverage career networks
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Construct an action plan
  • Achieve aspirations
  • Retention & Engagement: Surveys and exit interviews consistently indicate that employees seek development, especially top performers and HIPOs.
  • Bench Strength: The leadership culture needs to be cultivated to ensure the organization’s continuity and sustainability as it evolves.
  • Time-to-Fill: Delays and costs related to external recruiting can be devastating, while developing employees both reduces vacancies and speeds up time-to-fill, reducing costs and disruptions.
Leader 360 Program Overview
Duration: Typically, this is a 6 to 8 week process, but participants will have up to 4 months to complete it
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Inside the Program
How do we organize the process?

Participants are encouraged to follow our Star Career Development Process, where first they reflect on their past, present, and future, engage their network, assess their current capabilities through the 360 survey results. That enables them to work with their coach to prioritize goals and set specific development targets and milestones. Then they identify the appropriate development tasks and resources that will help them achieve their ambitions. They set target dates for all of their tasks and milestones, then hold themselves accountable for execution, and lastly, they revisit their plan continuously.

How do we assess participants?

Participants will complete the Reflections questionnaire online, then receive a summary report via email, which they can share with any coaches or mentors. That will be followed by a 360 assessment that asks for feedback from the participant’s manager, peers, employees, and internal or external customers. The 360 results examine 20 leadership competencies, 80 sub-competencies, 24 leadership traits and potential detailers, and stakeholder feedback.

How do we support participants?

Participants are supported throughout the process by a series of video-on-demand, or vLearning, modules that walk them through the STAR Career Development Process, providing tips and best practices for getting the most out of the process. In addition, the Career Development Playbook interactive PDF acts as a companion guide. We provide training and certification workshops for internal career coaches. These resources enable you to scale up or down your leadership development programs as needed. We can also provide executive coaches to work one-on-one with senior leaders, if that is needed.

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