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Mom and pop at our firm are Mae and Gus Prestera.  Mae has over 20 years of management experience, 13 of which were within the Accounting field, leading auditing teams and a finance department, and 7  of which were in the corporate training arena, leading teams of instructional designers and developers.  Gus also has more than 20 years of management experience, 15 years of which were focused on instructional design, development, and implementation.  To learn more about Gus and Mae, click the links for their bios or their LinkedIn profiles.


The PFX Alliance

Gus and Mae don’t do everything alone: they leverage an extensive network of affiliates and vendor-partners across the globe to assist with specialized needs.  Much as Steven Spielberg assembles the best talent for a particular movie, Gus and Mae assemble the best consultants to address the needs of your particular training and development project.


PFX maintains a network of freelance strategists, instructional designers, writers, graphic designers, and developers within a variety of specialties ranging from technical writers to leadership development experts, from designers with compliance training experience to developers with HTML 5 and mobile learning experience. 

E-Learning Production

PFX works with a number of on-shore and off-shore vendor-partners to produce e-learning of any variety.  These include off-shore development firms that enable us to produce e-learning courses to fit any budget as well as on-shore audio, video, and 3-D animation studios to enable us to bring the sizzle when it’s called for.

Localization Affiliates

PFX works with several  leading localization firms to enable us to translate and localize any training content we produce in just about any language.  We have also established relationships with other small firms across the globe, so that we can provide a local presence when it is needed.

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