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We're not like many of the training vendors you've worked with in the past. We employ no salespeople, and never will. We do not claim to be everything to everyone; we do not make promises we can't keep; and we do not gouge clients with exorbitant mark-ups. We don't play those games. 


Our mission is to help people achieve success in their work.  We do this by providing our client organizations with effective, research-based learning and performance improvement solutions... on time, on budget, and on quality.


At Prestera FX, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients and strive every day to live up to our core values:

1. Integrity in every aspect of our work and business dealings

2. Transparency in communicating with our clients and affiliates, even when it hurts

3. Commitment to helping our clients address their workplace performance needs, making our clients’ problems our own

4. Passion for developing people to their highest potential

5. Craftmanship in knowing our craft and obsessing about the little things, so that our clients don't need to, and can focus on their own craft

6. Limiting  our overhead and driving efficiency , maximizing value to our clients

7. Flexibility in adapting our processes to ever-changing client needs, resources, and constraints

8. Innovation in how we improve our processes, methods, and technologies, continually improving the state of the art

9. Dependability in following through on promises and meeting client needs…always

10. Courage in living up to our core values each and every day


What Our Clients
Are Saying:
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Ty Johnson
Church of
Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints

Formerly, Courseware Development Manager, Allen Communication

"In my nearly 15 years in the industry, I have rarely run across a professional with as much passion for instructional design as Gus Prestera. He is uncompromising in his standards of quality, boundless in his creativity, and tireless in his work ethic.

"His secret? It’s not really “work” to him at all, in my opinion; rather, he derives as much energy and fulfillment from analyzing a performance problem and crafting the ideal solution as most of us do from our favorite pastime.

"To say that Gus goes the extra mile to serve the interests of his clients is an understatement —it’s more like the extra light year. But, if the truth be told, Gus is usually too busy enjoying the ride to concern himself with measuring the distance!"

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