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Below is a partial list of the organizations we've worked with over the years to support their training, talent management, professional development, organizational development, and performance improvement needs.


In addition, Gus has worked indirectly with a variety of companies, fielding teams of consultants, project managers, designers, developers, and administrators to execute on their workforce development initiatives. Here is a partial list of organizations indirectly influenced by Gus' work:


Client Quotes

Here's what one subject matter expert recently had to say about working with us:

"I was sweating bullets the night before, afraid that no one would answer my questions, and that this way was so different than my past way of doing presentations. I realized that this process requires really trusting the audience, seeing them as positive contributors to the process and really wanting the information.

"By alternating fun stories of mine with questions to them (which brought out their fun stories of cases), we all had a great time, it was easy and they interacted with each other as well as me. Afterwards people gave me their cards, asked me to lunch, and even the older, more conservative lawyers came up and congratulated me. Several people repeated my words back to me: 'I was really floored when you said…' so I know there were useful take-aways for lots of them.

"Thanks for teaching me this process. I’m also using it with my class and we’re all having more fun, and they are much more involved, and I’m feeling certain they’ll learn more this way."

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