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Competency Mapping
Competency Modeling

A global chemical manufacturer intended to build a corporate university that organized and mapped training content to a variety of job-specific competencies.  Gus Prestera conducted interviews and focus groups with chemists, engineers, sales professionals, and their managers in order to develop  competency models for various job families. The competency maps gave insight into the key tasks and activities associated with each position; how much relative time was spent on each; which were considered most important to the organization’s success; and which were the most difficult to master. We inventoried and evaluated existing courses; identified gaps in the library relative to the competencies; and organized the library into competency-based curricula.

Consultative Selling Live Simulation
Pipeline Building

In this 1.5 day workshop, learners are assigned cases; they work in teams to analyze their case and the client's needs; they develop their recommendations; the next day, they deliver their recommendations to real clients--played by actors--who interact with them and ask questions. Afterward, they debrief, receiving feedback from the clients, their peers, and the moderator. The workshop developed the learners' analytical skills, inter-personal communications skills, and consultative selling skills. In addition, it helped learners get a concrete sense of what real-world battle conditions entailed, which raised their game as they went through other portions of the curriculum.

Organizational Assessment
Pipeline Building

When one of the world’s leading consumer healthcare companies underwent a consent decree due to quality issues within its supply chain, Gus Prestera worked with its senior leaders within manufacturing, technical operations, and quality as well as various regulatory compliance organizations and hundreds of external quality consultants to implement an organizational assessment process.  He advised dozens of quality teams and their HR business partners at multiple sites as they learned and used his process and tools to define the future state organization in terms of competencies, resource capacity, headcount, and organizational structure.  Through this work, they established a sustainable supply chain organization and laid the groundwork for competency-based hiring and training.

Management Assessment Center
Pipeline Building

A global financial services company needed to improve its branch management bench strength and was looking to develop a leadership pipeline.  Rather than putting all management candidates through a leadership development program, and thereby diluting its investment, the firm wanted to screen the top candidates and only admit the top prospects into the program, then invest intensely in those individuals.  The firm asked our team to help them design the screening process. If invited to attend the Management Assessment Center, candidates went through a 1½ day live simulation, involving real-world activities that mapped back to the competency model, and afterwards were given feedback by visiting managers and psychometricians.

Onboarding Process & Curriculum
Pipeline Building

A global brokerage firm, with more than 10,000 Financial Advisors at the time, hired Gus Prestera and his team to redesign their new hire Financial Advisor program and address the problem that, despite investing millions into Associate hiring and onboarding, it yielded a poor return on investment.  The previous onboarding program relied completely on classroom training; consisted mostly of knowledge dumps and death by PowerPoint; and took too long to complete.  We were charged with redesigning the program to be more effective, more efficient, and less costly.  After mapping the competencies that distinguished successful Financial Advisors, we developed a skill certification process and a fully blended curriculum that combined elearning self-study, experiential learning, case studies, online and in-person simulations, peer mentoring, and coaching.

Developing Healthcare Leaders
Building Bench Strength

As the healthcare marketplace and regulatory environment continue to shift dramatically, this regional hospital system also faced a looming leadership vacuum.  Many of its leaders were approaching retirement and there were few internal candidates ready to step into those roles.  Gus Prestera and his team were hired to implement a process for reviewing the existing leadership talent, identifying development opportunities, and putting development plans in place.  As leaders engaged in the process and used the tools, they slowly began to develop a culture of development, where leaders and their employees are continually engaged in conversations around their current competencies and those needed to achieve their career goals.

Coaching Simulation on a Budget
Building Bench Strength

This branching simulation was built leveraging green-screen, still photography in combination with 3-D backgrounds, which helped control costs while still providing the learner a rich visual environment.

Leadership Sims with Impact
Building Bench Strength

Leadership decision-making simulations can be costly and time-consuming to build. These examples come from two Flash-based branching sims that were built within a couple of months. The learner is asked questions by his/her District Manager; accesses a management dashboard system (we built a mock system for training purposes); then makes decisions and receives feedback from the boss. It got great reviews from a tough crowd!

Performance Appraisal Process
Performance Improvement

A global insurance company brought in Prestera FX to develop a series of elearning modules to train over 60,000 employees and managers worldwide on its performance management system, which included modules on preparing self-assessment, conducting year-end reviews, and conducting calibrations.  These courses were translated by a trusted vendor-partner into several different languages before being deployed to the company’s learning management system.

Troubleshooting and Customer Service
Performance Improvement

We designed and developed a blended curriculum (ILT, e-learning, coaching) that was organized around ability level. With new hires, we focused on basic troubleshooting processes and tools. As they certified at each level and advanced, the training focused less on the technical troubleshooting aspects of the job and more on the inter-personal customer service skills, such as handling an irate customer. The highest level help desk personnel are taught how to mentor and coach the more junior personnel.

Peer Mentoring During Onboarding
Mentoring Solutions

A national specialty sales training department for a large biopharmaceutical company was challenged by its stakeholders to develop a structured onboarding process that improved consistency and time-to-proficiency, while leveraging an online curriculum and peer mentoring.  Prestera FX was asked to develop the mentoring framework, onboarding materials for new hires and their peer mentors, as well as training for those peer mentors.

We established a mentoring competency model by benchmarking key success factors for mentors, then used that model as the basis for the onboarding materials and training.  The process, tools, and best practices were implemented through an elearning module and in-person workshop.

Mentoring Circles for Leaders
Mentoring Solutions

We helped a large insurance company implement a mentoring circles program globally. Through the program, peers from different management levels come together in groups of 8-10 to form groups that meet regularly in person or virtually to discuss career development and leadership development topics of their choosing.  Though the groups are chaired by senior leaders, each circle’s participants act as peer mentors, helping each other learn, develop, and achieve shared goals.  Our team designed the training materials to support the formation and kickoff of these circles and provided tools to support the process.

Consultative Selling Skills with Practice
Learning Solutions

This series of e-learning tutorials was built with HTML and Javascript, incorporating frequent scenario-based practice exercises. In one module, where learners are learning how to ask for referrals, the learner listens to a character doing it, evaluates her performance, using the slider scales, then gets feedback from the expert on how he would have assessed it.

Systems Training with Rapid Tools
Learning Solutions

We've built a wide variety of e-learning tutorials in Articulate and Adobe Presenter. These two examples demonstrate that systems training courses don't need to be stale and frumpy, incorporating attractive visuals, animations, builds, Captivate demonstrations, and Flash-based exercises.

Presentation and Persuasion Skills with Practice
Learning Solutions

The first of this pair of workshops gives learners the confidence that comes with knowing the fundamentals of good presentations...from preparing materials, setting up the room, and organizing content to handling questions and managing discussion. Building on that confidence, the second workshop focuses on buidling and delivering a compelling presentation, one that persuades the audience. In both workshops, there is frequent, hands-on practice as well as a final activity that involves the learner presenting, then reviewing the video recording with the instructor, who provides feedback and coaching.

Systems Training for Key Business Process
Learning Solutions

When an organization builds or installs an enterprise system to support its key business process, the training cannot just focus on the keystrokes and mouse clicks. In this series of systems training courses, we articulated the business process and helped learners understand how the system fits into that process as well as how their role in the process drives business success downstream. Because there are several audiences, with different levels and types of involvement with the process and system, we built several variations of the training to suit each audience's needs. With one audience, in fact, we scaled back the training to reference cards only, because of how they typically interact with the system.

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