With our Bench Strength Solution Pack

…we can help you implement talent management processes that strengthen your leadership bench; establish a development culture, and ensure leadership continuity.

What differentiates our approach? We take a top-down and bottom-up approach to drive this cultural transformation, engaging all levels of the organization and addressing your pain points holistically.

Pain Points
  • Lack of internal successors for key vacancies
  • Low morale, especially with middle managers
  • Lack of engagement in leadership development
  • Lack of diversity within leadership ranks
  • Create accountability for development
  • Identify and prioritize talent development needs
  • Create succession plans
  • Create individual and team development plans
  • Coach for development
  • Follow through on development plans
  • Improved leader morale and engagement
  • Reduced turnover of HiPos (“stickiness”)
  • Leadership continuity
  • Actively managed under-performance
  • Greater inclusion and diversity
  • Established development culture, aiding talent acquisition
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