Why do competencies matter?

Competencies—the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required to perform a job—make up the foundation for all human capital management and development efforts. Most organizational pain points can be traced back to people being hired with the wrong competencies for the job, people not performing up to those standards, and people not being trained and developed in those targeted areas. We can help you not only build a competency model but also integrate it into your entire talent management system.

Pain Points
  • Low employee engagement pointing to lack of development and growth opportunities
  • Low performance pointing to skill gaps
  • High turnover among newer employees
  • Lack of clarity around roles, responsibilities, and priorities
  • Lack of internal bench strength to fill vacancies, especially in leadership roles
  • Gather input from leadership and top performing incumbents on what the desired competencies and priorities are
  • Develop, validate, and refine a competency model
  • Communicate the competency model to all employees, ensuring understanding and alignment
  • Train managers on how to use the competency model in their work
  • Integrate the competencies into all aspects of talent management and development
  • Clear understanding among employees of what is expected of them and how they can be successful
  • Leads to improved engagement, performance, and satisfaction
  • Managers better able to evaluate and manage performance as well as talent development
  • Strong foundation for building bench strength, improving the talent pipeline, and building a performance culture
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