With our Learning Solution Pack

…we can help you implement large-scale, competency-based training that drives performance results and supports your organizational change efforts.

What differentiates our approach? When designing curricula, we use a blended approach that leverages the strengths of elearning technologies, experiential learning, and performance-based instructional design.

Pain Points
  • High training costs with low return on investment
  • Training is disconnected from competencies and business results
  • Training is non-existent; need to build a curriculum
  • Training is too costly, ineffective, inflexible, and/or poorly attended
  • Lack the training expertise, infrastructure, and/or resources
  • Design a competency-based curriculum, linked to relevant business outcomes
  • Establish success criteria and evaluation strategy for ROI, metrics, quality standards
  • Establish performance-based instructional design process, tools, and standards that drive experiential learning
  • Design blended programs that incorporate elearning, instructor-led, evaluation, coaching, and mentoring, as appropriate
  • Learning that is aligned with competencies and organizational priorities
  • Learning that is implemented more quickly and flexibly, so it can keep up with organizational changes
  • Learning that gets applied on the job to drive performance improvement and results
  • More efficient use of T&D delivery resources, which reduces overall cost of training…and increases ROI
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