With our Mentoring Solution Pack

…we can help you establish one-on-one mentoring, mentoring circles, executive sponsorships, reverse mentoring, and other informal development programs.

What differentiates our approach? The most successful mentoring relationships benefit both mentors and mentees alike; are integrated with their work lives; and are based on mutually agreed-upon expectations and boundaries.

Pain Points
  • Employee engagement scores low, citing lack of professional growth and career development
  • Retiring employees creating brain drain
  • Siloed organization; lacks sense of broader identity
  • Lack of diversity among leadership
  • Lack of engagement between senior leadership and middle management
  • Provide structure, guidance, and support for a variety of mentoring programs
  • Establish mentoring and sponsorship programs that promote diversity
  • Integrate mentoring into onboarding programs and leadership development programs
  • Integrate mentoring into ongoing business activities (e.g., form quality circles to address manufacturing issues)
  • Greater engagement and visibility of emerging leaders
  • Broader interaction of people and ideas leads to greater cohesion and diversity
  • Continuity: reduced effects of brain drain
  • New hires become productive more quickly and more likely to stay
  • Increased employee satisfaction, engagement and loyalty (stickiness)
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