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…we can help you bring accountability back in style and sharpen your competitive edge.

What differentiates our approach? Nurturing a performance culture requires leaders to face some uncomfortable truths about how they are modeling and incentivizing behaviors and how they are discussing (or not discussing) performance with their employees. We incorporate these factors into a holistic approach.

Pain Points
  • Productivity is low; costs are high
  • Failing to meet performance targets
  • Turnover among high performers is increasing
  • General lack of accountability for performance results
  • Managers feeling burned out…from trying to do it all themselves
  • Face the uncomfortable truths
  • Communicate clear expectations with employees and managers and why performance matters
  • Listen to employees and give them the resources to execute
  • Train managers on how to set goals, delegate, model, and coach for performance
  • Create feedback loops and accountability for results
  • Incentivize good performance and manage underperformers up or out
  • Better organizational performance results
  • Performance results become the main driver of behaviors
  • Improved employee morale, satisfaction, engagement
  • Retention of high performers
  • Reduced number of underperformers
  • Improved delegation leads to less manager burnout and higher manager effectiveness
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