With our Pipeline Solution Pack

…we can help you source and select the right talent for the job, then onboard them in a way that sets them up for success over the long term.

What differentiates our approach? Building a healthy talent pipeline starts with knowing what competencies, not qualifications, are most critical to success in a given job, then aligning your sourcing, selection, and onboarding processes to target those competencies.

Pain Points
  • Attrition: Roughly 40-60% of new hires exit within first year
  • Many new hires failing due to lack of ability or poor fit
  • Lack of diversity reflected in hiring decisions
  • Lack of qualified internal candidates applying
  • High talent acquisition costs relative to success rate
  • Create competency-based job descriptions
  • Map competencies to career paths, feeder pools, and IDPs, building internal pipeline
  • Re-focus on competencies: auditioning and behavioral interviewing
  • Build competency-based onboarding and curricula
  • Address integration needs through mentoring, cohorts, exchanges, social activities, etc.
  • More competent, diverse, and engaged new hires
  • Longer retention of new hires (lower attrition)
  • Higher productivity of new hires…sooner
  • Increased promotion from within
  • Greater satisfaction among hiring managers
  • Lower talent acquisition costs
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