Where do YOU need a boost?

Organizational Change




Accelerate organizational change by operationalizing and enabling your strategy

Leadership Development




Strengthen your current leadership team and their potential successors

Career Development




Enable career growth through diagnostics, planning, mentoring, and experiential learning

Performance Improvement




Drive performance through competencies, analytics, and coaching

Training & Certification




Close skill gaps and improve job capabilities through blended, performance-based instructional design

New Hire Onboarding




Reduce new hire time-to-proficiency and accelerate integration into the team


Featured Videos 


Want to know what we’re all about? Prestera FX is your partner in change. These videos showcase how we can support your efforts to manage, engage, and grow your people more effectively.


Mimeo.com asked Gus Prestera to contribute a “recipe” for its 2018 Trainer’s Blended Content Cookbook. In this video, “Add a Pinch of Gusto with Pull-Through,” Gus explains one approach he uses for getting business leaders to follow through on the implementation of change initiatives.


Team leaders often struggle with the basics of how to engage their direct reports in professional development conversations. This video introduces you to The Three Kingdoms, a video-based course for managers, which helps them learn how to assess their team’s development needs and get them moving on professional development.