New Hire Onboarding

Reducing new hire time-to-proficiency and accelerating integration into the team


How can we boost your efforts?

Onboarding Guide

Our Onboarding Guides—often published as interactive PDFs that can be viewed on screen and in print—provide new hires with a roadmap that guides them through their first days, weeks, and months. We custom-build them for each client, so each is unique, but all contain checklists, calendars, and information that new hires find invaluable.

Onboarding Process

We support onboarding processes with a variety of capabilities, from producing orientation videos to training managers, mentors, and trainers on how to support new hires. If you don’t have formal preboarding and onboarding processes in place, we can help you engineer them to deliver results.

New Hire Training

For highly technical roles, new hires may need more than just onboarding in order to reach full proficiency. We have developed new hire training and certification programs for call center operators, financial advisors, clinical study leads, pharma sales reps, and other technical roles, ranging in duration from a few months and to a few years.

New Manager Assimilation

When managers are transferred, promoted, or hired to lead a new team, they often experience a lengthy process of getting to know their employees and getting in sync with expectations. We can train your HR and business leaders on how to facilitate assimilation meetings that accelerate this process.


Success Stories

Onboarding Process & Curriculum


A global brokerage firm, with more than 10,000 Financial Advisors at the time, hired Gus Prestera and his team to redesign their new hire Financial Advisor program and address the problem that, despite investing millions into Associate hiring and onboarding, it yielded a poor return on investment.  The previous onboarding program relied completely on classroom training; consisted mostly of knowledge dumps and death by PowerPoint; and took too long to complete.  We were charged with redesigning the program to be more effective, more efficient, and less costly.  After mapping the competencies that distinguished successful Financial Advisors, we developed a skill certification process and a fully blended curriculum that combined elearning self-study, experiential learning, case studies, online and in-person simulations, peer mentoring, and coaching.

Global Preboarding & Onboarding


We helped a manufacturer engineer a preboarding and onboarding process that could be applied and customized to different offices and plants around the globe. Preboarding involves many different departments and contributors, so it was important to get buy-in from a variety of stakeholders. The onboarding experience itself was structured around a two-day orientation led by HR, followed by a three-month, self-paced new hire curriculum made up of online videos, elearning modules, and assessments as well as in-person meetings, manager coaching, and peer mentoring. The experience was documented in an Onboarding Guide document given to all new hires.

Onboarding Sales Reps & Managers


We designed and built a series of onboarding guides for new hire sales reps and managers from different product groups. Each guide contained training calendars that were customized to each product group, org charts, contact information, links to online courses and resources, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Sales managers had their own onboarding guide, linking to manager resources.

New Manager Assimilation


New people managers face all of the usual onboarding challenges and in addition they also need to build rapport with their direct reports, establish commitments, and get the team moving. This is often a long, rocky road. To accelerate this process, we help our clients facilitate assimilation meetings between new managers and their team. We have also developed training for HR business partners and business leaders to certify assimilation meeting facilitators. The process helps teams break the ice with their new manager, establish some commitments, and get moving in a new direction.

Executive Onboarding


Senior leaders generally have a unique set of onboarding needs. Because they are often taking charge of entire business units, large departments, or global functions, these executives are expected to start driving change and delivering results almost immediately. Though perhaps unfair, given that they are still trying to learn the basics of how the company operates, that high expectation is a reality. To help new executives from a global financial services firm achieve those early wins, we designed an executive onboarding process that integrates a 90-day action planning process into their onboarding workflow.

Consultative Selling Live Simulation


In this 1.5 day workshop, learners are assigned cases; they work in teams to analyze their case and the client’s needs; they develop their recommendations; the next day, they deliver their recommendations to real clients–played by actors–who interact with them and ask questions. Afterward, they debrief, receiving feedback from the clients, their peers, and the moderator. The workshop developed the learners’ analytical skills, inter-personal communications skills, and consultative selling skills. In addition, it helped learners get a concrete sense of what real-world battle conditions entailed, which raised their game as they went through other portions of the curriculum.