Performance Improvement

Driving performance through competencies, analytics, and coaching


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Technical Competencies

We work with technical experts and top performers within your business to define what it takes to be successful in a given job. That then becomes the basis for a technical competency model, which is in turn used as the basis for performance metrics, evaluation & incentive criteria, and job training.

Workforce Analytics

We build pull-through tools that help managers hire, onboard, and coach their workers in a way that aligns with the technical competency model and performance metrics. These tools can take the form of interviewing guides, onboarding guides, evaluation guides, and coaching guides.

Coaching Pull-Through Tools

Our OD Consultants can provide 1:1 executive coaching to your high potentials and senior leaders. We can also teach your leaders how to provide coaching for their subordinates and peers. In either case, we can support the coaching process with 360 surveys and analytical tools that help assess leadership proficiency and provide meaningful feedback.

Coach Training for Managers

When tools are not enough, we also build and deliver manager training programs that are customized to an organization’s talent management process and best practices. These programs help managers develop the skills needed to assess performance and conduct coaching conversations.


Success Stories

Performance Appraisal Process

Performance Improvement

A global insurance company brought in Prestera FX to develop a series of elearning modules to train over 60,000 employees and managers worldwide on its performance management system, which included modules on preparing self-assessment, conducting year-end reviews, and conducting calibrations.  These courses were translated by a trusted vendor-partner into several different languages before being deployed to the company’s learning management system.

Coaching Simulation on a Budget

Performance Improvement

This branching simulation was built leveraging green-screen, still photography in combination with 3-D backgrounds, which helped control costs while still providing the learner a rich visual environment.

Competency-Based Hiring

Performance Improvement

A big factor in performance is hiring the right people for the right roles. A pharmaceutical client wanted to improve and standardize their hiring process for sales representatives. After helping them define what good looks like and turning those insights into a sales rep competency model, we helped them develop an interviewing and selection toolkit for hiring managers. Interviewers were given a bank of sample questions that were organized around the various competencies and sub-competencies. The interview evaluation tool itself was also re-designed around the competencies. Implementation led to more consistent hiring and the selection of more high-performing sales reps.

Competency-Based Field Ride Assessment

Performance Improvement

There is no better way for a manager to coach performance than to observe it firsthand and provide immediate feedback in the course of a conversation. With that in mind, we helped a sales organization create a process, documentation, FCR form, and training for sales managers conducting field rides with their reps. We ensured that it incorporated the sales competency model that we had developed. Managers used the app to capture ratings and comments discussed during the field ride.

Coaching Pull-Through

Performance Improvement

When managers provide performance feedback, it is not always clear what the employee can do to improve in that aspect of their job. For one global client, we helped develop a coaching guide for managers, containing not only criteria for how to assess performance but also developmental ideas that the manager could support. Our work culminated in an interactive PDF that enabled managers to move around the competencies and development ideas, then document an action plan. It was translated into several languages and rolled out globally.

Coach Training for Managers

Performance Improvement

We designed and developed a series of video-based online courses (hosted by us) plus a live workshop to train managers of a global manufacturer how to coach and develop their employees for performance. The process and tools were infused with the company’s core competencies and values. As managers implemented what they learned, we provided coaching and support. Employee engagement increased in most departments as managers began having a dialog with their employees around performance expectations, accountabilities, and performance outcomes. Both employee engagement and performance improved.